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No data? No problem! When you have TOTAL built by hike on your phone, services will work without data. Check out how!
Services work without data!
Experience the power of star services.
Send messages and stickers, without data.
Hike Wallet
Send and receive money, without data.
Get Rail Info
Get real-time train information, without data.
Never run out of balance. Recharge, without data.

Services with a work without data!

Enter the world of TOTAL built by hike and explore services that work without data. You can send messages, make payments, recharge your phone, check out cricket scores, check your daily horoscope, read the latest news, check rail PNR status and a lot more. All of it, without data.
Messaging Hike-wallet Cricket Recharge News Data-packs Rail-info Horoscope

How our tech works

The services with star badge on them, work on a proprietary technology developed by Hike called UTP - Universal Transfer Protocol, which enables these services to run with complete User Interfaces as if they were running on internet to provide beautiful, never seen-before experiences without data.

When you use star services on TOTAL built by hike phones, UTP does the heavy lifting of encrypting, compressing and transmitting the data quietly behind the scenes. On the other hand, developers write their applications the same way they would for HTTP. Whenever a no-internet connectivity scenario is encountered, UTP automatically kicks in and the app continues to function seamlessly.

When developers start developing applications using UTP, we reach out to users who are not on the internet, while not compromising on the user experience. And that opens the doors to making the dream of a truly Digital India a reality a whole lot sooner than later

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